How to serve the best cocktail?

On Saturday, September 28th, 2019 we’re bringing the party with a new episode of COCKTAIL FEST. Every single hall, area, corridor and basement of the robust old Maassilo will be taken over to celebrate our fourth edition! In the middle of the industrial port of Rotterdam, DJs, Entertainment & YOU will make the moist Dutch grounds shake and tremble again

Every hall will be its own party area, each hosted with a different setup, style, decor and vibe. We proudly present you our new flavors for the upcoming edition,

  • Herr Zimmerman (Techno)
  • TEASE (Circuit)
  • WTF (Club/Pop)
  • The Cozy Club (Urban).

Once again, The Maassilo will show it’s true soul. The trusted soul of Acceptance, Freedom and Unity. Unity in it’s most basic form…, Party! 

COCKTAIL FEST will have something for everyone; whether it’s leather harnesses you like, ballet dresses, or colourful leotards…, smokey eyed makeup or Windsor ties, muscles, drags, twinks, bears or daddies.

We can all come together as one Cocktail!


Many Flavors Under One Roof


4 delicious parties in 1.. We’ve mixed up the Flavors real good. From Techno to Circuit House and From RnB to Disco, it’s all there babes! Click on the events below for more info of each of the joining parties.


9 Letters: LGBTQIAPK. Cocktail Fest welcomes all! Let us all come together as one Cocktail of tastes and lets show the world we’re Openminded & Free. Cocktail Fest is here to Unite, to Accept and most of all to Celebrate in harmony. Only this time Bigger, Better & Bolder!


3000 visitors from all over will join us on our next episode of Cocktail Fest – The Fourth Dimension! On Saturday September 28th we’ll transform the Maassilo to one hell of a Playground! Make sure you don’t miss out on this one lovers… Cocktail Fest awaits you!

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