..:: Cocktail Fest - The Second Edition ::.. | R.A.W.
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About This Project

A sealed off area, hosted by “the Meatmaster”. Only he decides who get’s in, you’ll decide if you’ll ever want to get out again… A darkened, fetish- & perv themed “playground” area for males only. What happens in RAW, stays in RAW!

What to expect: In this dark basement, between all of yesteryear’s industrial machinery, you could find yourself hanging in a sling, dominantly caging a partner of choice, getting crucified, tied up, or getting dirty on a bench. But if that ain’t enough…, get subjugated into submission in the tub…

Dresscode: leather, latex, naked, sporty, undergear, sleazy, in short…, come as you like, as long as you’re in for fun!