How to serve the best cocktail? Take a pinch of WTF XL (Rotterdam) and a sparkle of Room Service (London), spice it all up with the biggest international ‘gay’ event Circuit XXL (Barcelona). For the necessary sweetness we’ll insert a good shot of FPQ XL (Amsterdam), and to finish it all off, a slice of Superball (Amsterdam), a shot of R.A.W. (Germany) & of course to detox, a Betty Ford Rehab Center Department (US). This COCKTAIL will have something for everyone; whether it’s leather harnesses you like, ballet dresses, or colorful leotards..., smokey eyed make up or Windsor ties..., muscles, drags, twinks, bears or daddies. We can all come together as one COCKTAIL of tastes!

Be Yourself . . .  Experience everyone! 



For the trendsetters we have the ‘Early-Early-Sweet-Sensation’ tickets. Be really fast cuz they're limited!    €22,00 (SOLD OUT)


If you're a business savvy “Wolf of Wallstraat” type of guy, this will probably be your best move to get your ‘Early-Fresh-Cosmo’ tickets. Get ‘m fast, cuz you don’t wanna click on a 'sold out' button! €27,00 (SOLD OUT)


You lost a cocktail! But you're still good to get your ‘Regular-Sweet’n’Sour’ tickets. Or at least…, till February 2nd, after which you'll only have the ‘Blackberry-Sour-Mix’ tickets. €34,00 euro  (Only till February 10th)  


Better late than never! But it will be worth your while, so get your ‘Blackberry-Sour-Mix’ tickets now!   €38,00


At the Door:   €45,00 euro 


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